You want some music? Try this on for size…

For several years, every Sunday night a group of us devoted to traditional Irish music gathered at Ward’s Pub in Warwick, RI, for an evening of tunes and songs. Alas, Ward’s is no more, and I’ve not found a weekly session yet that fits my schedule, but I still play when and where I can. Here is a light sample from the Ward’s Pub sessions. And yes… that’s me on the tenor banjo.

I’m not the greatest musician in the world, but I’m not a complete failure at it either. I think the point of music is the enjoyment in playing it, and I enjoy it a lot. I may not have all of the best techniques, nor know the fanciest tricks, or even be considered a professional level player, but I love it. Because I tend to focus on folkish music, i.e., traditional Irish and bluegrass, I play more than one instrument. For some reason, folk musicians always seem to play several instruments… moreso than, I think, a lot of rock or classical musicians. Go figure.
Currently, I manage to passably make sounds on the following:

Irish tenor banjo
5-string banjo
Octave mandolin

I’m currently learning to ruin people’s ears with the fiddle and the ukelele. This is why it’s fun to be me.

Here is an early attempt at video-recording myself playing a tune. I think this was taken sometime in 2008. I’m playing an octave mandolin, and the tunes are The Red-Haired Boy followed by The Merry Blacksmith (the namesake of both my publishing company and art studio).

Obviously, I didn’t have much experience making video, hence the crappy quality of the second piece.

Oh, and for giggles… all of the above somehow stemmed from this 20 year old guy who used to play drums in one of the worst punk bands in Providence, RI.


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