On June 2, 2014, I announced a challenge to myself (and anyone else who wants to give a whirl) to write a story per week for 52 weeks (i.e., a year). I’ve been calling it the Jay Lake Challenge in memory of Jay Lake who had a monster work ethic. The purpose of the challenge is to come out of this year a better, more productive writer. As the weeks go on, I’ll be posting stories on this page.

To get things rolling, I’m posting a story that never sold–probably for good reason–that I was, nonetheless, amused by. (these are not part of the challenge count–they’re old trunk stories)

Also included herein, a poem that was a lot of fun to write (which did get nominated for a Rhysling one year).

“A Snowball’s Chance”

“What To Do When An Alien Spacecraft Lands and the Visitors Come Out to Greet You (a poem in three parts)”

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