Reboot 2015

Looks like I’m back…not that it’s a big deal or anything. Well, maybe a little bit of a big deal as it’s a sign that I’m returning to making writing a more daily event outside of either business writing or writing in an editorial capacity for whatever book project I happen to be on at the moment.

working-in-a-coffee-shopOh, and savor the cliché for a moment, if you will…I’m writing this whilst sitting in the middle of a trendyish coffee house–the sort that serves alcohol after a certain time of day. Almost a year ago, when I was regularly writing, I would have eschewed the cliché. Most times, if I wasn’t writing from home, I was writing in a laundromat, or a library. More than likely I was writing from home, and will likely continue to do so, but I can appreciate a change in environment in order to charge the creative juices as much as anyone, and I’ve come to enjoy the trendy coffee shops–partly because someone is waiting on me rather than me fending for myself, and becsause they’ve become regular places for me and mine to go gaming. Big tables. Ready food and drink. No cat jumping into the middle of play. What’s not to love?

Plus, this trendyish coffee shop is open at five in the morning. Perfect. I can’t afford to come here every day for this, but I can come often enough. And I can, of course, continue to write from home. It’s where the heart is.

So what does this mean for you, dear reader?

Not much at first, probably–mainly because you don’t exist yet, or at least in not great number. You’re likely a Facebook friend, or saw me post a link to this and you’re being nice, or maybe you’re a new chum on Twitter who has heard I’m going to start writing reviews again.

In either case, welcome to it, imaginary throng of readers. You’ll be real soon enough.

Special Mail collection 006So what else am I planning on in addition to reviews? I’ll likely be bringing back the Friday mailbag in which I reveal what strange letters from strange lands I’ve received. I may offer odd, unasked-for advice again. I’ll discuss recent adventures both mundane and fanciful. I may bring back some short fiction and scripts again.

And reviews, of course. There are plenty of places to get your book reviews. I’m going to try and focus on independent creator-owned comics, and indie game materials. So stay tuned.

For those wondering why updates here so abruptly stopped, the truth is that most of my blogging was done from my venerable iPad, and its sudden loss hit me harder than expected. By the time I recovered, I just got too damn busy. Life is still busy, but it’s also more managed right now. I also have a new tablet device with a keyboard, so blogging on the go is now more of an option. But if you want the real reason, as in the really real… it’s because I’ve missed doing this.

Ever since I’ve gotten back into going to geek-related conventions (Templecon, Readercon, GKENE, Boskone, Arisia, Philcon, etc.) I’ve been hankering to prime my geek pump and return to the ever-loving, all-encompassing flow of geek culture.

So boom, here I am.

The internet trembles. (Or perhaps has gas.)

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