The Return of Rumor Has It

As we revive this site, we return to some of the old traditions laid down in the old days. One such is my Rumor Has It list. Below are several nuggets of knowledge that I’ll wager you did not know.

tango-iiFor instance…

  • ‘E-mail’ is not a new term. In the late 18th century, letters sent with a special eagle stamp signifying rush delivery were called ‘e-mails’. The term was first coined by Benjamin Franklin although he had initially lobbied for a turkey stamp instead.
  • ‘Trivia’ is spelled with seven letters. Go ahead and count. It takes most people several tries to confirm.
  • In Providence, Rhode Island, it is illegal to whistle backwards.
  • It takes two to tango, unless you live in Luxembourg in which case you’re breaking the law.
  • Limericks were once considered both witty and classy.
  • The leaves on a tree tend toward even numbers. When a single leaf falls, another soon follows. New leaves always grow in pairs.
  • David Lynch was an uncredited screenwriter for Disney’s Cars 2.

In other news…

DuetJust plugging along. Working on books. Working on journals. Updating webpages. I’ve done a little more work on this site, but right now the set of webpages closest to completion in their updates are the ones for Merry Blacksmith Studio. Give me another day or two and I’ll post an official announcement of its completed update.

And I’ve been painting a bit. I’m going to have a number of pieces in the New Hope Gallery next month, and am finishing up some additions to my Irish Music series. Should be a fun show. I’ll make sure to post info on that as well as details come.


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