It’s All About the Work 3G

Oi. Interesting days. Good days, for the most part, but interesting–if you’re me. If you’re not men, well… Maybe not so interesting. Let’s be honest. These past couple of weeks I’ve been like a new daddy who’s been showing everyone in creation pictures of a new baby–only in this case the baby is a house and I’m sure a lot of you are sick of the topic by now.

But it’s still one of the bigger things in my life right now, and will continue to be an object of resolute facination for me for at least two more weeks–minimum. Why that time period? The first week is the week leading up the the big physical move of final address, i.e., we start living at the new place, and the second week is the setup. After that, I’ll try to be a little more interesting in a more reader-considerate way. (At the very least you’ll see a return of the Friday mailbag.)

But right now I’m still in the midst of packing, purging, and moving. Because of the holiday, Pretty Maggie had Friday off so I did an early-morning trip to drop off some stuff. Then we brought some more over later. We also had a picnic planned with some friends for later in the day so I made my famous clamcakes in addition to some meatballs ‘n sauce and some cornbread. The picnic was a very fun time and we got lucky with the weather. The wird thing was Saturday.

Saturday everything caught up with me. Bam!

I could barely move. I didn’t pull anything or injure myself. No, I was simply exhausted. The previous weeks of work, along with the picnic and all the whirlwind of activity and my body just said “Enough.” My head felt stuffed and moving too quickly made me dizzy. Likely all the dust I’d been stirring up had a cumulative effect.

So I declared Saturday a work-free period. I napped. Finished the medical journal for August. Napped. Played with my new iPhone. I napped some more. I felt bad for Pretty Maggie who was all into getting some work done on Saturday so managed to pack up a couple of things to haul over to the house and I watched her work. We went out to lunch with friends. Drove around a little. For the most part we just took it easy.

Sunday it was back to work–revitalized. I made two more hauling trips of stuff. Put up blinds. Worked in the basement. Frowned at the yard. Invited another friend over to look around and tell us how lucky we got. Lunch. More work, then I went off and played my music at Ward’s–which I’m very glad for. ’twas a good session and I won’t get a chance to play again on a Sunday for a couple of weeks.

So busy, busy weekend. Even the relaxing was kind of work when because I couldn’t stop thinking about all the work yet to be done.

So back to it. It’s Monday. This morning I put the very last touches to the Design Integrations book before it goes to press, work on the movie book, and do some cover designs before I break for more packing and purging.


Today’s link goes to 25 (Most Wanted) Tips for iPhone 3G. Why? Because Friday my cellphone died and we took advantage if the low cost of getting it replaced with the iPhone 3G (supplies limited). When the newest model came out, the lie all those AT&T folks told us came to light when the cost for the 3G model did go down.

And everyone is right… it’s like Jesus came back, but this time as a phone. It’s almost enough to make me find religion–and that’ll be easy given the maps and GPS features.


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