Eight Days a Week?

On Facebook, Jeff Vandermeer recently made a comment in which he discovered he was a day off in his reckoning of the week. This gave him an extra day with which to work and my first thought was, “lucky bastahd.”

It’s weird how when one is working for someone else–punching someone else’s clock and all that–it’s a race for the weekend and any day chipped off the work week is a good thing. When working for oneself, however, it’s kinda the opposite. A day lost is a day where billable work doesn’t get done. The Fourth of July falls on a Saturday this year, but because most of the “working world” has Friday off, we have plans for Friday which will chip into my workday. I’m not begrudging it, mind you. We have a big picnic planned and I’m very much looking forward to it. It won’t even start until after I normally knock off from work for the day, but I will have a few extra chores that day–cooking-related mostly. And because Pretty Maggie has the day off, it’s a day I can use to make an extra trip down to the new house and transport more stuff.

So I have no reason to moan about losing a day this week. I’m actually in pretty decent shape. A proof of the Danton book will go out today. A good chunk of the medical journal will be done and I’ll just pull in a couple of weekend hours to have that ready for Monday. A few other projects that are in the work are progressing along as they should.

But an extra day during the week would still be nice. Imagine how much more packing I could get done if there was an extra day during the week.

I could use some more boxes, too.

And another cup of coffee.

That last item I can see to right away. Be right back.


Today’s link takes you to the homepage of my new hometown, West Warwick, RI. It’s Rhode Island’s newest town, incorporated in 1913, and was founded by democrats who wanted to split from the republican-controlled Warwick area. It’s known for its mills and the part it played in the labor history.


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