Who Owns Whom? More Moving Adventures

Who owns whom? Do we own the new house? Or is it coming to own us? Oi, the work in moving two packrats. The winnowing down of possessions. The packing of most. Hauling down boxes three flights of stairs.

Every single day.

But it’s got to be done. And when it’s over, it’ll be worth it. But yeesh. I just know that before it’s all said and done there’s gonna be some swearing and throwing of things. I hope it won’t be expensive.

We’ve been waiting for some nice weather to take some new pictures. Granted, most of our work is on the inside right now, but because a number of windows do not yet have blinds, the outside is very visible. Today I’m just tossing in a few pics from the home inspection done a while back.

A shot of the back of the house and the enclosed porch where we will enjoy meals when the weather is pleasant–overlooking our backyard. I’m looking forward to drinking my morning coffee out here.

The kitchen from which I will bring forth wonderful meals. My kitchen right now is pretty pathetic. No working proper stove and because of the ancient wiring in our current house, I can’t run more than one appliance at a time–hence timing a meal with several compnents takes work and sometimes makes for a less-than-ideal dinner. (I will still pat myself on the shoulder for pulling off a decent Thanksgiving dinner last year with such limited resources.) Now with this new kitchen I can actually cook more than one thing–more than two or three things–at a time!

This basement may not look like much yet, but it’s where my new office will be. It’s bigger than it looks, and what you don’t see is a decent amount of shelving and workspace. I’ve already mapped out locations for the PC, the Mac, the drafting table, the light table, bookshelves, filing cabinet, and so forth. And yes, I’ll be decorating it: a chaotic cacaphony of prints, clippings, photos, and more.

But for now, it’s work, toil, and work s’more. I have two and a half weeks before we have the furniture moved and there’s a lot to do before then. Not a day to waste.

So it’s back to work.


Because I’ve been enjoying the most recent DVD release of the TV show Family Guy, today’s link takes you to the Family Guy Wiki Page chock full of info on everyone’s favorite animated television show currently airing on Fox. I know, I know… it’s not for everyone. But if you’re a fan, then this page is certainly worth checking out.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in their Star Wars parody/homage coming in the Fall.


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